Types of Fashion Models – What Type Are You?

Fit Models

Although the name would suggest differently, this type of modeling agency does not focus on physical fitness. Instead, fit models work behind the scenes within the industry to help determine how certain clothing should fit. For example, a designer or clothing manufacturer could work with a handful of fit models that represent their target demographic. From here, they could fine-tune the proportions of their clothing so that it has an ideal fit for that type of individual. As you can tell, this type of professional is extremely important to the industry as a whole despite not partaking in conventional photo shoots.

Plus-Size Models

As previously mentioned, many people believe that you need to be slim or petite in order to find modeling work. This couldn’t be less true, as there are entire agencies centered around booking work for plus-size models. This is an especially important fact to keep in mind since the demand for plus-size models has surged in recent years. If you consider yourself plus-size or curvy, it’s worth looking for an agency that can help represent you. There are many top plus size modeling agencies, especially in New York. Many agencies now have curve divisions making it a great time to start out in modeling.

Transgender Models

In the past, many transgender individuals felt that they had no place in the modeling industry. It was a common belief that you could not properly represent the needs of the client, which discouraged many people from even attempting to secure work.

As with plus-size models, the demand for transgender models is steadily increasing as time goes on. As a result, transgender modeling agencies have been founded to help bridge the gap between transgender models and their clients. Combined with the fact that many brands are now looking for additional ways to illustrate their level of inclusiveness, it’s now easier than ever before to find work as a transgender model. There is a rise in alternative modeling agencies, watch this video from Latitude Talent on how to get started as a model with a unique look.

Fitness Models

Unlike fit models, fitness models are focused on physical fitness. There are also varying degrees of fitness that these modeling agencies are looking for. For example, some fitness modeling agencies seek out individuals who are extremely muscular and physically imposing. Others are more aligned with people who have a tighter, slimmer physique. This doesn’t mean that you need to have a single-digit body fat percentage or 18-inch arms in order to find work, though. Brands need models that accurately represent their target audience. So, an athletic apparel company that targets long-distance runners will need somebody who looks like a long-distance runner and not a bodybuilder.

Mature Models

Age is yet another former stigma of the modeling industry. In the past, it was commonly believed that once you reached a certain age, you no longer had a place in modeling. Today, though, there are mature models who work with virtually every type of client. This could range from fitness supplement companies to high-end designer clothing brands. Additionally, mature models still have potential even once they reach their 60s and 70s. There are plenty of brands whose target demographic is of an elderly age, meaning that they require models that can accurately represent them. So, keep this in mind if you aspire to break into the modeling industry but feel that you aren’t quite young enough to do so.

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