Fashion Tips on How to Wear Sneakers With a Dress

1. Pair Patterns With Solid Colors

The key to wearing sneakers with a dress? You have to be willing to step outside the box just a little.

If your dress is solid-colored, you can have fun with your casual footwear. This is a great place to inject a little color, pattern, and personality into your outfit!

Why not try a pair with a cool cheetah print, such as these Nike Womens WMNS Air Max 97 SE Marathon Running Shoes/Sneakers?

Low-cut with a round toe and flat heel, these are the ideal go-everywhere sneaks that look great with anything from your favorite jeans to your go-to shift dress.

2. Keep It Simple With Patterned Dresses

While wild-patterend sneakers look great with simple dresses, the same doesn’t apply to more elaborate one-pieces.

If your dress features a pattern, it’s best to stick with a simple, monochromatic pair of sneakers to add appropriate balance. Otherwise, mixing two wild styles could overwhelm your look.

Planning to rock a floral midi-dress? What about a polka-dot floor-length one? In either case, choose a solid-colored pair of sneakers offers the perfect touch.

Of course, this doesn’t mean the look has to be boring! There are plenty of ways to let your style show through.

This pair of Converse Chuck Taylor All Star “White Barely Volt” Canvas Shoes/Sneakers features the brand’s signature high-cut upper, as well as a fun, playful, multi-colored rubber sole. It’s the perfect choice when you want to look subdued but still stylish.

3. Consider Your Accessories

Are you planning to carry a clutch as you wear your dress? Did you cinch your waist with a skinny belt or throw a colorful ribbon in your hair? You can accessorize a dress in a million different ways, using items such as:

  • Jewelry (chunky or delicate)
  • Hats
  • Scarves
  • Gloves
  • Handbags
  • Watches

As you’re planning your outfit, consider matching your sneakers to your accessories. You can either match the colors or choose complementing ones that pair well together.

For instance, a pair of all-black sneakers can look stunning with a stark white belt or bag. Check out these Nike Womens WMNS Downshifter 8 ‘Black’ Marathon Running Shoes/Sneakers for inspiration! The lace-up, jet-black pair features a comfy rubber sole, low-cut style, and a flat heel perfect for running around town.

4. Let Length Be Your Guide

Even the most low-profile sneakers will be bulkier than a pair of delicate sandals or heels. That said, sneakers usually go best with lightweight sundresses that are casual enough for everyday wear.

To find the perfect pair, consider the overall length of your dress. If it’s ankle-length or trailing the floor, a flat, low-cut pair will work best. On the other hand, a pair of high-top sneakers will look great with a mid-cut piece or a minidress!

If you’re leaning toward the flatter side, we love the Nike Court Legacy Mule Sneakers/Shoes. Light blue and white with an open back, it crosses the line between a slip-on and a sneaker and looks great with long dresses.

With short dresses, you can go a little taller and eye-catching.

Take a look at the Womens WMNS Air Jordan 1 Mid SE “Dutch Green” Basketball Shoes/Sneakers. Fitting just over your ankles in gorgeous hues of olive green and light pink, this pair is surprisingly neutral and dresses up even the most casual cotton pieces.

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