Questions Men Are Asking About Millennial Male Fashion Trends

What’s the Deal with Men’s Thongs?

Thongs on women are among the sexiest and most stylish garments available. Whether part of a beach set or a more intimate piece, a thong is beyond fashion. Yet, as good as they look, many women don’t like wearing them for obvious reasons. So what’s the deal with guys wearing them? Well, male thongs are more comfortable than you think, and they’re designed for extra support where it counts. And they’re so much cooler in hot weather. Also, more men wear them than you think. And so what if you want to wear one? Only you know about it anyway.

Is Cross-Gender, Cross-Dressing in Men’s Modern Fashion?

Absolutely not, not in the true sense of the word anyway. Neo cross-gender fashion doesn’t mean guys are wearing dresses. Modern men’s fashion simply recognizes that some items of clothing traditionally worn by women look just as good on a man. And vice versa. For instance, it isn’t uncommon to see guys sporting halter tops these days at the gym. Or wearing a sarong while strolling along the beach. Just as your wife or girlfriend might wear your shirts or jeans, there’s nothing wrong with trying female clothes that look good and feel comfy.

Can Men Wear Makeup These Days?

Like jewelry, makeup was traditionally worn by men back in the day. But somewhere in the middle ages, it became more common for women. Then with the mass production revolution at the start of the 20th century, companies like Max Factor marketed makeup strictly toward women. However, men have always worn makeup. Rock stars, actors, and TV personalities always wear makeup. Some are obvious, and some are done so well you can’t tell. But for the average guy, makeup isn’t a problem these days. There’s nothing wrong with looking your best.

What are this Summer’s Fashion Trends for Men?

Summer 2022 is just around the corner. And that means everyone likes to get out and party. But you also might want to look great as well. Fashion trends aren’t only for women, and men’s fashion is bigger than ever. Here are some of the biggest fashion trends tipped for this Summer:

  • Casual: Sun-faded retro California style.
  • Occasions: Oxford shirts with striped blazers and chinos.
  • For work: Lacoste-style shirts with structured joggers and polished hiking boots.
  • On the street: full shirt and cargo pants Gorpcore style.
  • Events: simple tone striped polo tees with denim shorts and canvas sneakers.

Looking good wherever you are is an integral part of staying in fashion. But knowing what to wear can be a tough choice. Summer 2022 seems to be all about keeping it simple and not too formal. For instance, rather than chinos for graduation, denim shorts are in.

Do Women Find Long Hair Attractive in a Man?

Now is the time if you’ve ever wanted to look like your favorite hunk celebrity like Keanu Reeves. Not only do women love a guy with incredible long hair, but it’s super fashionable at the moment. Because of guys like Keanu, long hair is seen as very masculine these days. Especially when you sport a terrific beard and a brooding look, as he does so very well. The theory is it ignites something primal since gladiators, Vikings, and early man didn’t trim their hair or beards much back then. Just be careful of ruining your hard-earned style with a man bun!

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